Contributing Structures

The following structures contribute to the historical, cultural, and architectural significance of the North Milford Village Historic District:

North Main Street

Structure- Stone arch bridging the Huron River just east of the Main Street bridge, carrying the railroad tracks across the river. The railroad was built through Milford Village on wooden trestles in 1871. The railroad bed was later raised and supported by embankments. The stone arch was built in 1888.

Structure- Steel deck plate girder bridge and concrete abutments carrying railroad tracks across Main Street at Canal Street.  1902

224- Story-and-a-half cement block and brick cross-gabled Tudor office building.  Curved shingling simulates thatch.  Dormers in front wing and in south wing.  Some casement windows.  Cobblestone foundation beneath central brick section.  Small house became offices after addition in 1939.  Ca. 1922/1939

238- Red brick Presbyterian Church. Cross-gable-roof auditorium church with round-arch stained-glass windows and round or wheel windows. Upper part of tower reconstructed in a contemporary vein in1957.  1899

239- One-story brick Mission and Art Deco style commercial structure, a former gas station.  Pillars define each of the bays and also occur at the building's corners, linked to crenellated tile along the flat roofline.  1934

245- Gambrel-roofed one-and-a-half story wood frame vernacular commercial structure, formerly a lumber office.  Fish-scale shingles in the gambrel peak.  Masonry plaque between the entry doors spelling "DEGARMO" with cobblestones and a stepped fieldstone zone on the side with the date 1900 formed by cobblestones.  1871  

301- Two-story brick Italianate commercial structure with arched brick crowns over windows on side facing West Liberty Street.  Part of Howland Block. Front of building much remodeled. 1877

307- Two-story brick Italianate commercial structure with arched brick crowns over second story two-over-two windows.  Date stone stating "Howland Block-1877" in second story.  Part of Howland Block. Historically separately owned, but now part of one business.  1877

314- Small one-story frame commercial structure, remaining part of Central Hotel, saved when hotel was demolished.  1862

313- Two-story brick Italianate commercial structure with arched brick crowns over second story two-over-two windows. Historically separately owned, but now part of one business.  Part of Howland Block.  1877

315- Two story brick Italianate commercial structure with arched brick crowns over second story two-over-two windows. Historically separately owned, but now part of one business.  Part of Howland Block.  1877

319- Two-story brick commercial structure. Remodeled after tornado damage in 1953. Historically separately owned, but now part of one business. 1875

327- Two-story wood frame commercial building.  Second story bay window and wood cornice with brackets.  1892

335- Two-story wood frame Italianate commercial structure.  Built 1872, moved to this site in 1882, moved back 20 feet and remodeled in 1892.  1892 wood cornice with brackets.  1872

339, 341- Significant structure. See narrative.

340, 342- Two-story yellow “Commercial Brick” structure.  Prism glass transom above windows on first story.  1926

344- One-story classic bank building with a front of Bedford, Indiana, natural limestone and two Ionic pillars framing entry.   Lobby wainscoted in marble.  Marble counter with dark marble deal boards and Italian walnut and plate glass work above the counter.  1916    One-story metal, glass and brick addition to north side of bank in 1950.

345-347- Two-story wood frame double commercial structure.  1873

351- Two-story brick Italianate commercial structure, recently refaced with new painted brick to match building next door north (both buildings currently part of same business).  mid-1860's

353- Two-story brick commercial structure.  1926

359- Two-story brick commercial structure.  1926

361- Significant structure. See narrative.

367- Significant structure. See narrative.

371- Significant structure. See narrative.

401- Significant structure. See narrative.

405- Significant structure. See narrative.

414- Two-story brick Italianate  commercial structure.  Galvanized caps over second story windows.  1872

416- Two-story brick Italianate commercial structure.  Galvanized caps over second story windows. Now part of same business as 414 N. Main.  1875

420- Two-story brick Italianate commercial structure.  Stone lintels over second story windows.  Original 4/4 windows.  1880

432- Significant structure. See narrative.

435- One-story concrete commercial structure with arched metal roof.  Originally used as first garage in village.  1915

436- Significant structure. See narrative.

440- Significant structure. See narrative.

445, 447, 449- Two-story brick commercial structure.  Tudor half-timber gable on second story above main entry.  1930

451, 453- Two-story wood frame commercial structure.  1898

514- Significant structure. See narrative.

530-532- Two-story wood frame front-gabled Greek Revival structure with story-and-a-half side-gabled wing.  Gable moldings, return eaves and entablature.  Bay window on south side of first floor.  6/6 windows.  1852

546- Two-story wood frame Late Victorian with rear wing and porch on front and side.  1880

605- Two-story wood frame side-gabled residence.  One gabled roof dormer. Porch across front.  Wing on rear.  1852

614- Two-story wood frame Dutch Colonial with porch across front.  Dormer in front of roof.  Shingled gables. Newly added window on second story south. 1924

624- Two-story wood frame Late Victorian upright and wing.  2/2 windows and door with decorative trim all around.  Small dormer in wing.  Eastlake gable trim.  Replaced wraparound porch on west and south.  Wood frame garage.  1882

625- One-story wood frame front-gable residence with wing.  Two 4/4 windows flank front door.  1867

629- One-and-one-half story wood frame residence with one-story wing. “ Palladian” and 2/2 windows with cornices.  Porch.  Bracketed door hood over front door.  1861

638- Two-story wood frame vinyl-sided side-gabled Victorian Gothic with two cross gables on front.  4/4 windows, some with cornices. Porch across the front.  Rear wing with cross gable on south.  Paired windows on south.  1872

645- Story-and-a-half front-gabled upright with one-story side-gabled wing.  Porch (enclosed).  Gothic Revival detailing in barge boards.  1858

701- One-and-one-half story wood post-and-beam side-gabled Greek Revival.  Pilasters frame both doors.  Moved to this site from Union Street in 1950's when parking lot was formed. Wood frame board-and-batten garage. 1843

711- Story-and-a-half wood frame gabled-ell Victorian Gothic house. Porch in ell with cross gable above. Projecting bracketed bay on south. Scrolled wood trim above windows.  Wood frame garage.  1876

Commerce Street


113- Two-story brick commercial building.   1928

124- Two-story wood frame Greek Revival house.  Upright and one-story wing, with three early wings added later.  First story porch with wood pillars on east side of wing, wrapped around front of building in 1902.  Second story of wing, with front gable pediment and projecting bay window on east side, added in 1902.  Upright extended in 1872, second story added later.  Return eaves and entablatures. Now Milford Historical Society Museum. 1853

206- Story-and-a-half wood frame gabled-ell Italianate house.  Projecting bay windows on west and north gabled wings.  Brackets and pilasters on bays.  First story porch with triangular pediment with decorative scroll work.  1871

215- Two-story uncoursed cut fieldstone English style house, built as rectory for St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Roman Arched front door. Arthur DesRosiers, architect.  1929

216- One-story brick office building.  Hip-roofed. Partially wood-faced.  1939

219- Significant structure. See narrative.

319- Two-story wood frame Late Victorian. Hip- and cross-gabled roof.  Enclosed textured cement-block porch and steps.  1896

319- Early wood barn. Original track doors.  ca. 1896

322- Significant structure. See narrative.

323- Two-story-with-cupola wood frame, aluminum-sided Italianate. Two projecting bay windows on front. Entry porch with modern pillars. Front doorway with side and transom lights and reeded wood pilasters. Side door with reeded wood pilasters.  1869

404- Story-and-a-half side-gable wood frame Dutch Colonial Revival.  Shingles in gables.  Front and side porches with round wood pillars.  Projecting front bay window.  Front dormer in roof.  1906

405- Story-and-a-half wood frame aluminum-sided gable-front Greek Revival.  Return eaves and eyebrow windows. First story porch.  1851

412- Two-story wood frame side-gabled Late Victorian. Textured cement-block porch across front with square wood pillars. Moved from lot just south.  1850's/1887

415- Two-story wood frame American Foursquare house. First-story porch on front.  Hip-roofed dormer in hipped roof. Geometric patterns of small-paned window glazing typical of period. 1922

514- One-story wood frame, vinyl-sided side-gabled house.  1948

515- Story-and-a-half wood frame Victorian Gothic gabled-ell house.  Projecting bay window in front.  First story porch with brackets and later wrought iron posts.  Brackets under eaves in front gable and in bay.  Decorative sawn scroll-work in cross gable. Stone fence posts.   1868

515- Object: “Chicken stone,” large boulder shaped like a chicken, on property over 100 years.

522- Significant structure. See narrative.

522- Wood frame barn.

555- Story-and-a-half wood frame, aluminum-sided side-gabled Cape Cod.  Two dormers in roof front.  Two oriel windows in front.  One-story wing on east with porch on front.  Classic doorway. The house is set back and the front yard has a number of large tress, 6 evergreens, 11 maples and one very old box elder, probably dating from the time when this lot belonged to the 1869 house to the west.  1939

602- Two-story wood frame upright with one-story wing.  Porch on front of wing.  Extensively remodeled.  1869

608- Story-and-a-half wood frame upright and wing house.    One-story wing on west with dormer above.  2/2 windows.  Porch in front of east wing.  1875

625- Story-and-a-half brick Tudor Revival house.  Two dormers in roof.  Triangular hood over entry.  Basement garage.  1929

712- Story-and-a-half wood frame gabled-ell Victorian Gothic house.  Brackets under eaves of front gable.  Cross gable in west wing with barge board.  Projecting bay window in front wing. Wood frame carriage house. 1870

725- Story-and-a-half wood frame English cottage.  Dormers in roof in front of east wing and in west side of west wing.  Enclosed front entry with fanlight above door.  Basement garage.  1929

800- Significant structure. See narrative.

801- One-story brick church with one-story wing. First church built in village after World War II. Includes altar constructed when the congregation used the Opera House on N. Main Street for services. Faceted glass window designed and executed by James Hopfensperger of Midland, Mich. Parish hall added in 1957. Additions in 1988, designed by architect Gordon Merritt, including narthex and three new panes in large faceted glass window.    1953

806- One-story wood frame, aluminum-sided, side-gabled house.  Projecting  attached  garage.  1950

816- Story-and-a-half wood frame house with side gables.  Porch across front.  1872

819- Significant structure. See narrative.

825- Story-and-a half wood frame side-gabled Late Victorian house.  First story porch across front with round wood columns. New rusticated wood siding. Wood frame chicken house. Home of noted citizen, Blanche Van Leuvan Browne. Original footprint and shape.  ca. 1881

906- Story-and-a-half wood frame, cobblestone- and stucco-sided cross gable house.  One-story rear wing.  4/4 windows.  Porches on front and west side.  Bay on west.  1868    Concrete block garage, ca. 1940’s


304- Two-story wood frame, aluminum-sided gabled-ell Italianate.  Porch across front wing and porch on east side.  Brackets under the eaves on both gables.  2/2 windows.  1873

315- Story-and-a-half wood frame, aluminum-sided gabled-ell Victorian Gothic house.  Porch across front of east wing.  Barge boards under eaves in north and east gables and in cross gable above porch in east wing.  Projecting bay window on east end of east wing. One-story wing on back.  1871

315- Two-story wood frame board-and-batten carriage house.  19th Century

320- Story-and-a-half wood frame upright-and-one-story wing Greek Revival with additional hip-roofed one-story wing on west.  Porch across front of east one-story wing.  Return eaves and gable moldings. New wing on back.  1851

325- Story-and-a-half wood frame gabled-ell Victorian Gothic house.  Barge board under eaves in both north and east gables and in cross gable above porch in east wing.  Newer enclosed porch.  Projecting bay window on east end of east wing.  4/4 windows with drip moldings.  1873

335- Two-story wood frame Victorian upright with one-story wing.  Porch across front of east wing. Drip moldings above windows. 4/4 windows. 1871

339- Story-and-a-half wood frame gabled-ell Victorian.  Aluminum-sided.  Porch across front of east wing with flattened arches.  Cross gable above porch.  4/4 windows.   1871-1876

Liberty Street


120- One-story brick gable-ended commercial building.  One-story rear wing.  1941

206- Story-and-a-half concrete block house.  Porch across front with four round concrete columns.  Large triangular pediment in roof with two windows.  Shingles in both end gables and in front gable above porch.  1907

209- Two-story wood frame side-gabled Late Victorian.  Decorative window caps.  Entry door with bracketed triangular hood centered on front.   Back part of building is two-story wood frame side-gabled Greek Revival.  Porch off west side with classic pillars and scrolled-wood trim.  Return eaves and gable molding.  Wood trim above windows.  Aluminum-sided.  Small attached wood frame garage.  1891/1838

212, 214- Two-story wood frame gabled-ell Late Victorian with added gabled wing on west.  Porch across front of east wing that wraps around east end.  Decorative rail on top of porch.  Porch across front of west wing.  Cross gable above east porch with door in gable.  4/4 windows, some paired, with sawn-wood trim above.  Fish-scale shingles in all gables.  Cut stone foundation.  1892/1896

214- Two-story wood frame barn.   ca. 1892

232, 234- Story-and-a-half wood frame, wood-sided Greek Revival with story-and-a-half Victorian Gothic wing.  Wooden sunburst in gable of main wing.  Fish-scale shingles in cross gable in west wing.  Dentil trim.  Return eaves and entablatures. Wood frame garage, may have been barn.  1848

233- Two-story wood frame hip- and cross-gable Queen Anne.  Enclosed front entry.  Front and rear porches on west side.  One-story wing on rear.  Cobblestone, cut-stone and concrete block foundations.  Gables added on top of roof.  Classic doorway and window caps with dentils.  1894

304- Two-story wood frame Italianate.  Entry porch on front which wraps around west side.  2/2 windows with sawn-wood trim above.  Projecting bay window on east side.  1872

305- Two-and-a-half story wood frame, aluminum-sided Queen Anne.  Two-story bay on west side.  Beveled windows on front.  Two-story porches on front.  New fish-scale shingles in gables.  Raised cut-stone foundation.  Stained-glass window.  1898

311- Significant structure. See narrative.

312- Significant structure. See narrative.

316- Story-and-a-half wood frame Bungalow.  Porch across front with concrete block base and steps and tapered square wood columns.  Roof dormers on front and back.  Leaded-glass windows.  1921

317- Significant structure. See narrative.

328- Two-story wood frame crossed-gable Late Victorian with one-story wing on west.  Porches on east and west of front gable with balusters above.  Sawn-wood trim

  above windows.  Long porch on east of rear wing.  Fish-scale shingles in three gables.  Projecting bay on east.  Cut-stone foundation. Wood frame garage.  1880

401- Significant structure. See narrative

404- Two-story wood frame gabled-ell Late Victorian.  Small porch in ell.  Projecting bay window on front of north gable. Story-and-a-half wood frame, vinyl-sided barn with one-story wing and shed-roof addition at rear. 1881

425- Two-story gabled-ell wood frame Queen Anne with added gabled wing on north and new wing on west.  Entry porch in gabled ell, new porch across front of west wing and concrete block porch on east side of north wing.  Projecting bay on front of east gabled wing.  Decorative wood-sawn scrollwork in gables.  1883


Site- Lower Mill Pond. On Pettibone Creek north of West Liberty Street, south of West Commerce Street, between North Main Street and Cabinet Street, created in 1836. Dam and mill race remain, though undoubtedly rebuilt in 20th Century. Pond furnished water-power for several mills at south end of pond.

Structure- South end of Lower Mill Pond. Henry Ford I power-house which furnished power for the 1938 mill on west side of Upper Mill Pond.  Striking, towered Art Deco design in brick.  1939

Site- Phelps Saw Mill & Distillery. On south end of Lower Mill Pond.  Constructed  in 1836. Henry Ford I power-house is now on the site. Historical marker.  Potential  for archaeological  examination.