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Historic Pictures from Around Milford

These thumbnails pictures are a small part of the MHS collection of historic pictures of The Village of Milford and surrounding areas in Milford Township. Contact the Museum for information about purchasing prints of our historic Milford photographs. Not all pictures show here available.

The Milford Post Office in 1906

Old Milford Grade School and High School on Hickory, North off Commerce, undated

Milford Baptist Church, undated

Commerce and Main, undated

E. Liberty Street looking east, undated

Milford’s Central Hotel, undated

Hubbell’s Cottage, White Lake, undated

Lower Mill Ponf, undated

Methodist Church, undated

Old Fishing Hole, undated

Peter’s bridge and house, undated

Peter’s Mill, undated

Peter’s Woolen Mill, undated

Presbyterian Church, undated

Skating on the Mill Pond, undated

The Willows, undated

West side of Main, undated

Below are a set of old photos supplied by Dave Chase that were not named or dated

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