Milford Historical Society Sells One Jackson House

Mary Jackson

1910 - 2005

The Milford Historical Society has offered for sale one of the two houses that Mary Jackson made provisions to give to the Society. Ms. Jackson was born in Milford and remained loyal to the Village throughout her life. Read this 1977 article from the Oakland Press about her love for Milford and how she acquired the house that was her birthplace and that of her mother - the other house that she gave us that we are not selling.

She was a member of the Milford Historical Society and was instrumental in getting the Mont Eagle St bridge rebuilt, so that the Oak Grove Cemetery could be accessed from Mont Eagle St.She owned two properties on Canal St, one was her birth home and the other, a smaller, newer home was used by the caretaker for the larger Jackson home.You can read more about the gift to the local Historical Society by clicking here. The MHS is retaining the larger Jackson home and will use the proceeds from the sale of the caretaker’s house to fund its upkeep.