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It is a sad truth that much of the history and heritage of Milford has been lost, especially the early mill and manufacturing heritage of the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Mills, factories, even schools and churches have been demolished over time to make way for housing or newer buildings. Much of this heritage can now only be remembered in old photographs.

The MHS has an on-going project to preserve the memory of some of the more significant sites and building by placing interpretive signage at various locations in the Village. The three current signs are shown below. For larger, more readable versions, click on the picture below.

Various other groups, such as the Pettibone Creek chapter of Questers, have placed signage around the Village and Township to mark historic sites and other locations such as the Oak Grove Cemetery have some interesting signage too. A MHS member has undertaken a project to photograph and share those sign on this site. Click here for the other historic markers and signage.

The original Milford Waterworks Building. This signage is located in Central Park, near the railroad trestle. For more shots and bigger better viewing, click on the picture.

Directly across from Central Park is Arthur’s Park -  a lovely little park with seating, birdhouses, a picnic table a  checkers/chess table and this marker, which commemorates the influence of the railroads on Milford.

To see more shots of the park itself, click on the picture of the plaque.

Easily overlooked on the west side of the Museum is this marker that contains the original name plate and some bricks from the Milford Rural Agricultural School that used to occupy much of the block between Commerce and Detroit Streets on Hickory.

To see a close up of the plaque, click on the picture.

MHS sign near the site of the first Milford Mill – the Fuller Grist Mill, which later also had a woolen mill nearby. The woolen mill came to be known as Peters' Mill and was the site of the first power generator in Milford. This sign is located at the foot of the western extension of Huron (northwest off GM road GM road) right near the old Peters Street bridge.

For more signage pictures, see the member submitted content page.

Interpretive Signs around Milford
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