The North Milford Village Historic District

Bird’s Eye View of the Milford Historic District

North Milford Village Historic District

Recorded in National Register of Historic Places

Milford Historical Society’s successful nomination of the North Milford Village Historic District was entered in the National Register of Historic Places on April 21, 2000. Through their program, the National Park Service of the U.S. Department of Interior provides recognition and encourages preservation in the following ways:

(1) It calls attention to the charm and history of the Village, making it an attractive place to live in and a destination for historic tourism.

(2) It highlights the quality of each contributing building and encourages the proper care and restoration of such buildings.

(3) It provides for a 20 percent investment tax credit for rehabilitation of

historic commercial, industrial and rental residential buildings.

Highlights of National Historic District Nomination

Sketch Map


This topographic, architectural and streetscape narrative provides a verbal picture of the district’s historic integrity.


Over 82% of the buildings in North Milford Village Historic District contribute to the district’s historical, cultural, and architectural significance.  These and non-contributing buildings (pgs 47 – 51) are listed with build date and architectural description.

Key Historic Landmarks           

Architectural and historic detail is provided on several commercial and residential buildings, churches, opera house and historic inn.

Historic Significance     

The social, economic and architectural tastes of America were replicated in microcosm in Milford. The nomination focuses on Milford’s development from its early settlement through the coming of the railroad and the early auto industry.  

Boundary Explained    

The selected district boundary includes 255 buildings and 13 sites, structures and objects that illuminate the commercial, residential, industrial and transportation development of the community from 1834 through the first half of the twentieth century.

Proposed combined north/south historic district

Because much of Milford’s early history is bound up with South Milford and many of the earliest buildings were there, the historical society nominating committee requested the inclusion of areas both north and south of the Huron River in an historic district nomination.

Build Dates of Historic Homes in Milford


For a list of build dates and original owners of many of the historic homes in Milford, click here.