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The Milford Historical Society is the fortunate recipient of the extensive historic research and writing done by a founding member, Barbara Young. In the course of the 30-plus years she resided in Milford. Barbara researched the history of Milford and build dates of over 400 area homes, collected bits and pieces of Milford’s history from a variety of sources (a major one being The Milford Times) and wrote many articles about the history of Milford. Her work resides at the Milford Historical Museum in the Barbara Bank Young Research and Resource Room dedicated in 2005.

Following is a random compilation of interesting stories Barbara collected from The Milford Times, our local paper, which has been continuously  published in Milford since its first edition, February 18, 1871. They are all in PDF format, so you will need a PDF Viewer.

1836 1838 Tax Rolls – When Milford was young

The 1898 Fire – an article about the big fire of 1898 and the damage that it caused

50 Years Ago – an article written in 1897 by Egbert Albright about the first big show in Milford and the epidemic that followed

A Long Ago Fourth (of July) – taken from a 1915 article in the Milford Times

A.S. Arms Building article from 1910 – The Passing of a Landmark

Alice McKeever – reminisces of the daughter of an early settler from stories she heard as a child

Automotive Heritage Trail – what looks to be an article that Barb did based on research

Baconion Cipher -  a fascinating tale from 1900 of two Milford women going to England to study secrete works of Francis Bacon

Bank Failure – a series of articles about one of  Milford’s biggest scandals – the failure of the local Milford Bank

Bigelow_story – The story of Milford’s first school teacher

Blacksniths – a 1940 Milford Times article on our early blacksmiths

Brick Yards – accounts from several issues of the Milford Times about people making brick in the early years of Milford

Commerce Street of the 1870’s – self explanatory

Dorus M. Fox Obituary from early 1900’s – one of Milford’s earliest settlers

Early Days – a 1932 letter to the Milford times from an early Milford settler

Early Preachers -  an 1896 Milford Times article about the earliest preachers in Milford

Elm Tree Bear – an amusing story about a time when bears roamed the Milford countryside

Episcopal Church – stories surrounding the founding of the Episcopal Church in Milford

Fairgrounds – short bit on the Fairgrounds that used to be in Milford

First Settlers – a 1932 article about Milford Township’s first settlers

Flatiron Foundary – stories on Milford’s iron foundry

Ford Reception – a story about a Milford couple attending an event put on by Henry Ford

From Widow’s Tavern to Ye Olde Hotel – story about Milford’s Main Street Hotel

Fuller Grist Mill & Fox Public House – County Liber book entries for the sale of these two properties

Hibbard Tavern -  a short piece on the Hibbard Tavern

Home Telephone – a nice piece, with a historic picture, about the Milford Telephone Company

Huron River – a story about a time when the Huron river ran upstream

Indian Hills -  a 1926 Milford Times article abut the Indian Hills Colony -  a failed utopia

Janet Loree – A story about the life of a 97 year old Milford area resident

Kensington Village – A 1910 Milford Times story about when Kensington Village existed

Kinsman Family – A 1932 Milford Times article about a local family that also performed as a band and concert troupe

Last Bear – an undated Milford Times article about the disappearance of bear from the area

Made in Milford – a fascinating story in the 1932 Milford Times that shares the manufacturing history of the early era of the Village and surrounding area

Marion Beam – the 1980 reminiscences of a long time Milford resident, from the Milford Times

Mary Diehl’s Story – a great read that appeared int eh 1932 Milford Times under the title – “When Wolves and Indians Were Here”

MaCalls – A short, 1932 Milford Times piece from the MaCalls Family History on how they came to Milford

McCumber Sketch of Milford – An article that appeared in the Milford Times first in 1876 and again in 1976 which described the settlement of Milford

Mead & Arms Day Book – an interesting look into the cost of things in the earliest days of Milford based upon the bookkeeping accounts of local merchants Mead and Arms

Memories of Milford in the Fifties – The reminiscences of John K. reed, a longtime Milford resident about Milford in the1950’s.

Milford 1871 – A descriptive article about Milford, it’s manufacturing base and other information, in the year 1871, which appeared in the Milford Times that year.

Milford’s Brass Band – A series of articles from the Milford Times in 1899 about Milford’s Brass Band

Mrs. Budd - 60’s and 70’s – A 1936 article about the memories of Ida Budd about the 1860-70’s in Milford

Mrs. Margaret Hoisington -  An undated piece covering the memories of this long time resident

North Main and North Milford Road Area – an undated article about the history of these areas

NW Corner of Commerce and Main – a series of Milford Times entries about various changes at this corner

Potts Family – a 1932 Milford Times article about the Potts family

R. Crawford Account – the memories of the son of one of Milford’s pioneer founders

Research – a first-person article written by Barb Young on the topic of how to research historic buildings

Select School – a 1932 reprint in the Milford Times of an article that originally appeared in 1910 about Mrs. Worthington’s Select School for Young Ladies

Shepard Building – a 1941 story of the demolition of the Shepard Building

P. C. Sloughter – stage coach driver – a small piece about the background of a Milford resident

Star Theater – A story following the closing of the Star Theater in Milford which covers the history of the earliest theater/movie house in Milford – includes a couple of nice old pictures

Street Lamps, wire rope and willows – Various short pieces from the late 1800’s about improvements in the Village

Times – Crippen – Various Milford Times articles that mention the Crippen family

Tippecanoe – From the 1909 Milford times an article about the Tippecanoe and Tyler too presidential campaign

The Mills around Milford – research that Barb did about various mills in the Milford area.

Hudson Mill – A 1927 Milford times story about the Hudson’s and their mill

Mills of Milford – part of an article on the Mills of the Milford area and referencing a 1935 Milford Times story about the Ford Motor purchase of a Mill location for the power plant

Peter’s Mill History – a 1932 Milford Times article about the Peter’s mill, one of the last to be demolished

Pettibone Mill – a 1932 article about this grist mill that burned down in 1919

Stories from the Milford Times
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