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Milford Historical Society Schedule of Events for 2019

All events, meetings and other activities of the Milford Historical Society have been canceled or put on hold due to concerns and State guidance about the COVID-19 virus.  

The 4th of July parade has been canceled for 2020.

The July annual  Picnic may be held, depending upon what the situation  and the State guidance is by that time.

Check back in June to see if it and other fall programs are still on.

July 19 - Annual Picnic - at the Mary Jackson House - program “Bee Keeping” by Donna Boushell

August 1  - Mid-Summer Fun Day at the Museum

September 17 - General Membership Meeting - at Milford United Methodist Church at 1200 Atlantic St, Milford, MI. Meeting starts at 6:30 with a pot luck dinner. The program will be Milford Women and the Vote - a presentation the Suffragette Movement in Milford.

September 19 & 20 - Milford Home Tour

October 25 - Haunted and Historical Halloween

October 31 - Trick or Treating at the Museum

November 14 - Fall Tea and the Mary Jackson House

November 19 - General Membership Meeting - at Milford United Methodist Church at 1200 Atlantic St, Milford, MI. Meeting starts at 6:30 with a pot luck dinner. Thanksgiving dinner and holiday entertainment.

Nov 21 - Exhibit Closing Reception and Museum Closing

December 19 - Ho9liday Open House at the Museum

NOTE: Linda Dagenhardt is the Programs Chairman. Please call Linda at 248-807-1204 with any questions or suggestions.

November 11 - Fall Tea at the Mary Jackson House.

December - Museum Closes for the winter

Board Meetings

Jan 25   Feb 22   Mar 22   April 26   May 24   June 28   July 26   Aug 23   Sep 27   Oct 25   Nov 29

All board meetings take place at the Mary Jackson House (648 Canal St)  starting at 7 PM

Now the obituaries from 1929 through 1949 Milford Times have been indexed and made available online. The index is available at

Shop at Kroger and help the Milford Historical Society

Sign up your Kroger Rewards card for the Kroger Community  Rewards program and the Milford Historical Society will receive quarterly  donations from the Kroger program, based upon how much you spend at Kroger on groceries, gas and at the Pharmacy.

Click here or on the Kroger graphic to go to the Kroger Community Rewards site and sign up.

Do you sell things on eBay or maybe you have some things that youi’d like to sell there. Go to our eBay page and find out how you can sell on eBay and benefit the Milford Historical Society at the same time. When you get there, click on the Sell Now button for instructions. Get rid of your unwanted items and benefit the Historical Society, too.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Historic Preservation Survey

Click here to go to a brief survey that is being conducted by young preservations  to determine the interest level in historic building preservation