The original “birds eye view” drawing showing the full North and South Historic District proposed boundaries. The South District (on the right hand side of this drawing) was not supported for inclusion in the eventually approved Milford Historic District by the state examiner who reviewed the submission and visited the area (see below).

The Proposed South Historic District – For The Record

South Milford Village Research and Report

Because much of Milford’s early history is bound up with South Milford and many of the earliest buildings were there, the historical society nominating committee requested the inclusion of areas both north and south of the Huron River in an historic district nomination.

After a sight visit, the State Historic Preservation Officer  “… did not find any concentrations of historic properties retaining the high degree of physical integrity required for national register listing (on the south side).”  Further, he remarked   ‘. . . the square area does not retain enough of its historic ambience. This does not mean this area is not important. It very much merits local historic designation to provide a better degree of protection in the future.

The combined South Village historic district nomination was completed “for the record” after it was clear that it would not be accepted by the State Historic Preservation Office.

The following details the buildings, sites and history of south Milford Village in the same format as the successful North Milford Village Historic District.

Sketch Map           (For the Record: South Milford and North Milford)

Description    (“For the Record: South Milford Village”)  

This topographic, architectural and streetscape narrative provides a verbal picture of the district’s historic integrity.

Buildings      (“For the Record: South Milford Village”)

All buildings (both “contributing” and “non-contributing”) are listed with build date and architectural description.

Key Historic Landmarks    (“For the Record: South Milford Village”)         

Architectural and historic detail is provided on several significant buildings in south Milford.

Historic Significance   (“For the Record: South Milford Village”)            

The social, economic and architectural tastes of America were replicated in microcosm in Milford. The narrative focuses on Milford’s development from its early settlement through the coming of the railroad and the early auto industry.  

Boundary Explained  (“For the Record: South Milford Village”)          

The boundaries were selected to illuminate the commercial, residential, industrial and transportation development of the community from 1834 through the first half of the twentieth century.


For possible additional information and/or photos on buildings and structures within the village, contact the museum research staff at:

The Original Milford Historic District Proposal