Contact Us Products and Services available from the Milford Historical Society

Products offered by the Milford Historical Society. Most are available only at the Museum, during the normal times when it is open, unless otherwise noted.

“Ten Minutes Ahead of the Rest of the World” history book (hard cover)                $ 40.00

Available at Museum and Main Street Art

The Mary Jackson House Teas Cookbook (New edition with the supplement)           25.00

Suppliment to original Mary Jackson House Teas cookbook                                        5.00

William Schimmel’s Book - Jacob Tipsico - A Michigan Chippewa                            10.00

(Click here for a write up about the Schimmel book)

“Keeping Milford Memories” (DVD) by Howard Armstrong                                      20.00

Historic Milford License Plate (blue & white)                                                                3.00

175th Anniversary License Plate Frames                                                                       5.00

175th Milford Descendant Pins                                                                                     5.00

1872 Historical Milford Township Maps (two in set)                                                     1.00

Museum Postcards                                                                                                       1.00            

Collection of Milford Photos booklet                                                                            5.00

Echoes of Laughter booklet                                                                                          3.00


Services provided by the Historical Society and local businesses:

- Research Service in local archives, including the Milford Times archive.

- Genealogy Research through the records of Oak Grove Cemetery and other files that the MHS maintains at the Museum. Call for pricing based upon time spent and depth of search requested.

- Historical information about homes in the Milford Historical District, including date built, builder, first owners and more.

Research conducted by the Milford Historical Society staff is billed at $50/hr and invoiced at the time of the delivery of the research report/results.

For more, see the Research Resources Page