Milford Historical Society
Milford Michigan

November 2002
Pettibone Creek Hydroelectric Station
Rehabilitation Project Update

Name Change:

The project's formal name has been changed to "Pettibone Creek Hydroelectric Station Rehabilitation Project" to be technically more accurate and to encouraging wider corporate sponsorship.

Building Architects: Cornerstone Architects' final construction documents are expected before the end of the year.

Hydroelectric feasibility study: Following a June site visit, a consultant is investigating current water rights and available technology for retrofitting the current hydro equipment.

Grant awards:

* May 6 - National Trust for Historic Preservation, Johanna Favrot Fund: $5,000 for hydroelectric feasibility study

* May 7 - Local Pettibone Creek Questers: $5,000 for ceramic tile replacement

* June 4 - Americana Foundation: $5,000 for A/E services

* July 28 - MotorCities/Automobile National Heritage Areas: $7,045 construction

* October 15 - Pettibone Creek Questers: $5,000 for ceramic tile replacement

Budget: $133, 544 in expenses including A/E fees, permits, administration costs, donated roof installation completed this year, have been covered by grants or in-kind donations. Construction costs will be deterimied after the construction drawings have been completed.

Oral History:

* Oral histories of four former Milford Ford Carburetor Factory workers were videotaped in May by Professor Bruce Pietrykowski, of U-M Dearborn. We are hoping to find more former Milford employees to include in this project.

Local fundraising:

* July 4 - Buy-a-Brick/ Paint-a-Tile fundraiser launched. Hand decorated tiles: $30, engraved brick: $100. For information call Village offices: 248-684-1515.

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