An ongoing project and a major part of the Mission of the Historic Society is the support of the Milford History Museum. In 2004 a major undertaking is the appointment of a new museum director. The Milford History Museum serves the role of being our physical archive for all of the artifacts, such as documents, photos and antiques that we have collected to preserve our local heritage.

The Milford Historical Museum

The Historical Society kicked off a campaign in 2023 to restore and preserve the Log Cabin in the South Side Park next to the firehouse.

The log cabin was built in 1981/82 s part of the Sesquicentennial Celebration of the settling of Milford. It is meant to represent the typical lag cabin that the earliest settlers would  have constructed and was built following building techniques that those settlers might have used. A period garden is next to the cabin.

The cabin fell into disrepair during the early 2000’s and developed a leaky roof. As part of the project the roof is being replaced and the logs that make up the cabin will have their ends trimmed and sealed and then  be re-chinked.

The Historical Society is accepting donations from the community to help offset the cost of this preservation effort.

The restoration of the Pettibone Creek Hydroelectric Station

In November 1999, the Milford Historical Society answered the Village council's call for help to preserve Milford’s Powerhouse in Central Park. This local landmark in danger of demolition by neglect lies within Milford’s National Historic District.  The Pettibone Creek Hydroelectric Station Restoration Committee was formed to develop a plan and seek the funding needed to restore the building. Partners in the project include the historical society, the Village of Milford and Milford’s Downtown Development Authority.

This is the largest and most visible project that the Milford Historic Society has under way right now. This multi-year, multi-million dollar project to restore the Albert Khan designed hydroelectric power station that the Ford Motor Company had built in Milford in the 1930’s is being funded by donations and grants. Click on the link above to get further details on the original use of the station and on the plans for its restoration and the status of the project

Interpretive Signs

An on-going project of the MHS is the placement of signs around the Village to commemorate historic events or mark historic sites and buildings that have been lost.

To view the three current markers that the MHS has erected, click on the picture to the right.

The Annual Home Tour

Another on-going project is the annual Milford Historical Society Home Tour, which features tours of the fine old homes of Milford. The tour just celebrated its 30th anniversary this past year. To see pictures and descriptions of the events surrounding the 2006 annual home tour, click here.

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